Saturday, January 11, 2014

Meeting the Mission President

Had our interview this morning. The leather gloves were a big hit.   Went really well, we are assigned to Port Elizabeth, with the assignment to work in the Mother Well Branch.  It is exactly what we have wanted.  Mother Well has just moved from a Twig ( Group ) to a branch just 3 months ago.  Church needs lots of help.  The Stake Pres. Wants to meet with us as soon as we get there.  We will have a 3 bedroom home with a 1 car garage.  We will have 2-3 apartments to inspect and 2-3 cars to do a 12 point check list on as well ( no, I am not the car czar ).  We will leave Mon. Morning and drive part way, stay in a B&B and then go the rest of the way and be at a zone conference Tues. at 1 o'clock  with our new zone and Pres. Wood.  We just got back from the water front having a nice dinner with the Pres. and his wife.  It was a nice meal and peaceful setting .

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  1. Hi friends. Please send pictures of you driving your stick shift car in your white hat.
    Good luck on your trip North. Enjoying the blog. Ken & Tam