Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Bed and breakfast in Cape Town. Finally made it. Problems atJohannesburg Airport, finally got fed up and bought new tickets fromthere to Cape Town.

We'll we got our car today, borrowed a GPS and went 2 places, one of which was home from the Mission Office during rush hour.  It is weird, and it is a stick shift to boot.  We think we are going to be in Port Elizabeth.  We went to a bank and I seen the address on the paper work.  There are 2 homes open in that town.  The Pres. Could always change it but I would bet that that is it.  It would be a 2 day trip.  It is 410 miles and they will not let us do it in 1 day.  Beautiful city right in the coast.  Food here is really reasonable, my dinner today was 78 rand.  I had 2 pork chops, potatoes and gravy, veggies, big portions.  In US dollars $7.80.  It is 10 rand to 1 dollar, so we just take the rand amount and move the decimal to the left 1 number and you have the US amount.   It was at a nice golf club house close to mission office.  We are reading all about the drive from here to our new area, wow this is like a vacation.  


  1. Glad you made it! Get some sleep.

  2. Whoooo hooooo! Elder and Sister Silcock. I like the sound of that. You guys are awesome!