Sunday, February 9, 2014

More hunting with camera

These shots are from Kaye Dawns camera.  Had her get pretty close to the Lions.  If I got bit, she couldn't drive me, so she had to sneak up on them as they slept.  She did good, had to promise her some candy afterward.

Weed eaters versus lawnmowers

They do all lawn maintenance with weed eaters, all of there parks, road sides, etc.  these are from one of our Branches guys doing the lawn.

Children in Motherwell

Home made go cart and children at bus stop

White Sister helping with the primary.

Our breakfast

We eat allot of yogurt with raw oatmeal and the fruit of your choice. Grapes or whatever 

More Motherwell pictures

Donkeys just roam wild

Baby blessing

Re-activated the Matina Family, they asked me to bless this new boy ( sister Matina's grandson ).  His name is Avuyile Bathembu.  Soon we will give her twin boys ( nick named by me Yo and YoYo ) the aaronic priesthood.  They are 12 just need to come a couple more times. Their real names are Vwyo and Vuyani.