Saturday, March 29, 2014

Things we observe here different than at home

People here ride any where anyway they can, all is legal, you see 8-10 people crammed into the back of a small pickup with camper shell on.  They stand on the bumper of large trucks and go 60mph down the road.  NUTS

Relief Society Birthday Party

These are the sisters who attended the activity.  Mom and I were the speakers and introduced the concept and program of Visiting Teaching.  Over the next couple of weeks, we will implement the program.

Youth frail care center

We read, sing and do nursery rhymes here every Wednesday.  We also plant and care for a garden.  Had to plant garden in containers.  I believe we are not in the sun enough so the plants are reaching and look like all stalks.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Melt your heart

This little girl is a daughter to one of our investigators.  A lolly pop always helps the white man and women.  We get 30 lollies for $1.20

Fishing on Sundays river

Had a great day fishing, longest one 21" long.  They are called kob.

Funeral coach for big big big women.

These 3 axel coaches kill me.

Baby carrier

This is how they carry their babies.  Those little kids never ever cry.  In fact kids do not cry here.

First African haircut. The lady kept asking Kaye Dawn if she wanted it shorter, Kaye Dawn thought she was asking her if she liked it.

Les schwab, not really, just a corner tire shop.

Lawn mowing at its slowest. No job and bored.

Newly made men of the tribe. Recently circumcised, living in the bush with there sun screen on.

More primary activity day


Valentines day, and primary activity day. Kaye Dawn taught them how to make sugar cookies. We made 1 for each of them to frost and put sprinkles on. She took doe for them to bake as well, but by the time each one touched it and played with it, it was not edible for baking. Went in the trash, they used it like play dough.