Monday, June 16, 2014

Funeral. The family that has the death has quite the job. They feed everyone in family and neighbors each day for a week, then on the day of the funeral they feed everyone after the funeral. We had about 300 at this funeral. This was not a member, but their church charges them so much an hour for the preacher, the more money you have or that you want your neighbors to think that you have, you pay to preach longer. These people were poor, it was all at their home and preached for one hour yelling and spitting all over. Of coarse, with our Elder and Sister badges, we got marched right up front by the body and was asked by the preacher to give the opening prayer. Notice the pictures of the rocks and ground at the cemetery. The family cover up the casket at the end as part of the ceremony. The ladies in colorful dresses are Witch Doctors who chant, do drums and sing. It started at 7:00 in the morning and we started to eat at 1:30. And of coarse, Sister Silcock and I get fed first because we are the oldest.

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